Ender’s Game Alive Free Sample

Free stereo sample of Ender's Game Alive

Free stereo sample of Ender’s Game Alive

Greetings all,

Our post-production team just got finished working on the most amazing project we’ve ever encountered, Ender’s Game Alive, a Full-Cast Audioplay written by Orson  Scott Card. This project has been in the works for quite some time now and now that  it’s finally done, we can share a sample of our work with you. Produced by Gabrielle DeCuir and Stefan Rudnicki at Skyboat Media, Los Angeles and Mike Charzuk at Audible.com, this stereo sample was designed by Ted and Heather Scott and mixed by the incredible Nick Stecki. We’ll write more about the process of creating this piece of audio theater in the coming days.

We also have an official release date of October 22nd, about a week before the  movie. If you have plans to listen to it (and we know you do!), please do so before  seeing the movie! Written by the author, this piece is different from Ender’s Game the movie and we’d like you to “see” it first. It’s 7.4 hours and of course, we recommend you hear it in full stereo, as it was meant to be heard, so please do order the Full CD or mp3 from Amazon and Brilliance or download it in full CD from Audible.com!

Enjoy this free sample of Ender’s Game Alive!

Audible is offering the first 4 chapters of Ender’s Game Alive! for free. Enjoy over an hour of listening on the house. Order Ender’s Game Alive! Here:

Ender’s Game Alive: The Full Cast Audioplay


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Enjoy the first Episode of Ender’s Game Alive!