Audiobooks are big in the news

Audiobooks have been getting A LOT of press lately. A recent article in the Wall Street Journal has been getting quite a bit of play. It’s interesting to see many of our friends, colleagues, and post-production projects included in such a high profile article. The article even mentions our current post obsession, Enders Game Alive!, which we are working on in conjunction with Skyboat Media.

The author of the WSJ article appeared on CBS news today. She mentions our work with and their production of Wonderful Wizard of Oz with Anne Hathaway.

Cool beans. We’re happy audiobooks are taking off!

Audie Awards Countdown 2013

Skyboat Media has created a cool Audie Awards countdown video for 2013. Skyboat is involved in 10 projects up for awards this year, including Achievement in Production for Janis Ian’s Society’s Child, which already won a Grammy for Best Spoken Word Album earlier this year.


Check it out….