Lincoln In The Bardo

Lincoln in the Bardo AudiobookAre you ready for a great ghost story, and so much more?

Heather and I were so fortunate to be invited by Penguin Random House Audio, and producer Kelly Gildea to perform editing, mixing, and mastering for George Saunders 1st long form novel, Lincoln in the Bardo!

Recorded in 17 recording studios, the production is voiced by 166 narrators, and is enhanced by music and sound effects, including original music composed and performed by Jeff Tweedy.

 The all-star cast includes Nick Offerman, David Sedaris, George Saunders, Cassandra Campbell, Carrie Brownstein, Kirby Heyborne, Megan Mullally, Bill Hader, Rainn Wilson, Jeffrey Tambor, Don Cheadle, Adenrele Ojo, Bradley Whitford, Scott Brick, Ben Stiller, Robin Miles,  Keegan-Michael Key, Lena Dunham, and many more. See the full cast list at Penguin Random House Audio

Hear a sample from Chapter 27, where all the ghosts gather to get a peek at little Willie Lincoln.

Check out Book Riot’s behind the scenes look at the production process: No book has ever made me weep (or laugh) so openly.

Enjoy a video from of producers George Saunders and Kelly Gildea creating the audiobook.

Ted got a chance to speak with about the production: The 7-Hour, 166-Person Audiobook That Feels Like a Movie

Here’s another audio sample:

Lincoln in the Bardo Audiobook Sample Teaser


Lincoln Audio

Patience & Sarah Nominated for a Grammy!

Extreme excitement in the Scott house! Patience & Sarah has been nominated for a Grammy award in the category of Best Spoken Word Album

We’re in good company here. Congratulations to all the nominees this year. These are some really great books from some great publishers, including Simon & Schuster, Random House Audio, Macmillan, and Harper Audio.

“Blood on Snow (Jo Nesbo),” Patti Smith
“Brief Encounters: Conversations, Magic Moments, And Assorted Hijinks,” Dick Cavett
“A Full Life: Reflections at Ninety,” Jimmy Carter
“Patience and Sarah (Isabel Miller),” Janis Ian and Jean Smart
“Yes Please,” Amy Poehler (and Various Artists)

Many thanks are due: Stefan Rudnicki for directing and recording, Jean Smart for a beautifully sensitive performance, Nick Stecki (who also prep edited our Grammy Award winning Society’s Child) for doing to preliminary 1st edit, Christina Harcar for her unusual and deeply appreciated/needed level of support, everyone at Audible who made this thing happen the way it did, my wife, Heather, who meticulously proofed and QC’d this one the right way.

Lastly, but mostly, to Janis Ian, for her lovely performance, friendship, mentoring, and most of all, for trusting me implicitly. I can never thank you enough, Janis!

“I still love a good book but the audiobook of Isabel Miller’s Patience and Sarah narrated by Janis Ian and Jean Smart gave me a literary eargasm of epic proportion. Don’t wait for a road trip to indulge yourself.” –



Punch Brothers, Punch! by Mark Twain

TwainIt is with great pleasure that we present to you our first full audio production – Punch Brothers, Punch! by Mark Twain.

First published in 1876 under the title “A Literary Nightmare”

WARNING! May cause earworm infection!

Read for you by Stefan Rudnicki at Skyboat Media’s A Studio in Valley Glen, California

Produced by Stefan Rudnicki and Ted Scott for 50 Nugget Wash, Inc.

Edited, Mixed and Mastered by Ted Scott at 50 Nugget Wash in Longmont, Colorado

Classic Missouri fiddle tune Grey Eagle was graciously provided by Austin Rogers, PhD of



It’s our plan to continue producing audio on a more or less regular basis. Let us know if you have a quirky or oddball public domain piece you’d like to hear and we’ll produce them. If you are an author, we’d like to hear from you as well. We pay right’s holders for the right material. Check out our post production work on the first two years of Lightspeed Magazine for an idea of what we’ve done.

Ender’s Game Alive!

Big fun this week as Ender’s Game Alive! has been released by both Audible and Brilliance. It’s gratifying after so many weeks of hard work. We got our 7 CD set in the mail but they must have sold out quick as Amazon now has a long wait period for orders. I doubt the wait period of 1 to 2 months is true but the best way to hear Ender’s Game Alive at this time would be to get it through Audible. Cool thing is, they are giving away the first 4 chapters as a sample! We are really stoked about this because it let’s you hear well over an hour of material for free so you can decide. Check it out if you have an Audible membership. If you don’t, sign up for Audible for a free trial:

Happy Holidays! Download a FREE audiobook today!

To check out the free chapters, go Here: Ender’s Game Alive! Free

Make sure you download from Audible in the highest quality format so you can enjoy all the stereo goodness. Life is just too short to listen to this thing in mono.
Ender's Game Post TeamHey all,

If you don’t know it yet, we finished post-production on the most massive project we’ve ever undertaken, Ender’s Game Alive! – The Full Cast Audioplay by Orson Scott Card. Card wrote this one himself and I have to say, he did a really wonderful job with it. If you’re into Ender’s Game, you’re going to want to hear this.

First of all, we’d like to give our undying graditude to Producers Stefan Rudnicki, Gabrielle DeCuir and all at Skyboat media for trusting us with this project! Special thanks also goes to Mike Charzuk, Wil Snape and Steve Feldberg over at Audible!

We assembled a great team here at 50 Nugget Wash to tackle this project. The project, which has over 160 scenes in 20 episodes was recorded at Marc Graue Studios in Burbank with over 40 of the best voice actors in the business. Many scenes were recorded with as many as 8 open mics so that the actors could perform together with sightlines. It made for a complex edit to say the least.

Editing was handled by Ted Scott and Nick Stecki.

Premastering and final Mastering was done by Ted Scott.

Sound Design was done by Heather Scott with assistance by Alexa Althoff and Ted Scott.

This program was mixed by Nick Stecki

Foley was recorded by Nick Stecki.

Foley art was coordinated and performed by Alexa Althoff, Heather Scott, Ted Scott and Nick Stecki with assistance from Shankara, Leela and Bhavani Scott.

Special props go to Gabrielle DeCuir for her awesome ears, attention, suggestions and availability, Stefan Rudnicki for coordinating the music placement and for rocking steady as always, Alexa for designing the war simulators on Eros and coordinating martial arts Foley and design for Eros, Heather for the extremely difficult Mind Game sequences and Shower room battle Foley as well as the dreaded task of QC’ing the mono sum, Ted for mapping out all of the room tones from Earth to Eros and designing and mixing the Arcade and Nick Stecki for pretty much everything else including our ever important first entrance to the battle room, boom, bass drops, tree planting and the ever present “German Dying”.

We’d like to thank our kids who can be heard  careening across the battle room with their shouts of Toguro! and our parrot Grazy who was patient and a little sad when his laser gun foley ended up on the cutting room floor.

Huge thanks goes out to Rusty Beith who basically saved the project when the great flood struck Longmont on September 11th. We could not have weathered the storm without you, Rusty!

BTW, if you’re so moved, please consider a donation to help the city of Lyons or Longmont or any other affected city on the front range. Many people were far less fortunate than we were and lost everything.

Technical details to be updated:

We’d like to give a shout out to which was and has been our primary library of sounds.

Our guerilla Foley art was recorded at 50 Nugget Wash studios in Longmont and Mitchell Lake in the Indian Peaks Wilderness of Boulder County with a Zoom h4n, a Sennheiser mkh 415, an Audio Technica AT2020 and a matched pair of Rode NT5 sdc mics.

We used Native Instruments GuitarRig 5, Izotope RX2, Waves GTR3 and Maxx Renaissance suite copiously.

ProTools 11 offline bounce and new free .mp3 bouncing saved us an uncountable number of hours during the edit.


Ender’s Game Alive Free Sample

Free stereo sample of Ender's Game Alive

Free stereo sample of Ender’s Game Alive

Greetings all,

Our post-production team just got finished working on the most amazing project we’ve ever encountered, Ender’s Game Alive, a Full-Cast Audioplay written by Orson  Scott Card. This project has been in the works for quite some time now and now that  it’s finally done, we can share a sample of our work with you. Produced by Gabrielle DeCuir and Stefan Rudnicki at Skyboat Media, Los Angeles and Mike Charzuk at, this stereo sample was designed by Ted and Heather Scott and mixed by the incredible Nick Stecki. We’ll write more about the process of creating this piece of audio theater in the coming days.

We also have an official release date of October 22nd, about a week before the  movie. If you have plans to listen to it (and we know you do!), please do so before  seeing the movie! Written by the author, this piece is different from Ender’s Game the movie and we’d like you to “see” it first. It’s 7.4 hours and of course, we recommend you hear it in full stereo, as it was meant to be heard, so please do order the Full CD or mp3 from Amazon and Brilliance or download it in full CD from!

Enjoy this free sample of Ender’s Game Alive!

Audible is offering the first 4 chapters of Ender’s Game Alive! for free. Enjoy over an hour of listening on the house. Order Ender’s Game Alive! Here:

Ender’s Game Alive: The Full Cast Audioplay


Check out our post production wrap up post: Ender’s Game Alive!

Enjoy the first Episode of Ender’s Game Alive!

Audiobooks are big in the news

Audiobooks have been getting A LOT of press lately. A recent article in the Wall Street Journal has been getting quite a bit of play. It’s interesting to see many of our friends, colleagues, and post-production projects included in such a high profile article. The article even mentions our current post obsession, Enders Game Alive!, which we are working on in conjunction with Skyboat Media.

The author of the WSJ article appeared on CBS news today. She mentions our work with and their production of Wonderful Wizard of Oz with Anne Hathaway.

Cool beans. We’re happy audiobooks are taking off!

50 Nug Partners with Reading Rainbow

Reading Rainbow iPad AppReading Rainbow, the award winning PBS series hosted by LeVar Burton, which many of us remember fondly from childhood, has been brought into the 21st century as an iPad app!  The app brings high quality children’s books to life, with wonderful narration,  interactive illustrations, and other fun features.  It has been our pleasure to provide primary post-production services on the narrative portion of the RRKidz app, in partnership with Skyboat Media.  It was exciting to see the final product of these collaborative efforts, especially through the eyes of our own kids, who love the app, and think our African Grey parrot should get to use it, too!


Visit today and follow @readingrainbow and @levarburton on Twitter for all the latest updates.

Audie Awards Countdown 2013

Skyboat Media has created a cool Audie Awards countdown video for 2013. Skyboat is involved in 10 projects up for awards this year, including Achievement in Production for Janis Ian’s Society’s Child, which already won a Grammy for Best Spoken Word Album earlier this year.


Check it out….