Audiobook Post Production

50 Nugget Wash, Inc is a full service production facility.

Audio Post production is our specialty, and we can handle your project or group of projects according to your specifications.


Ted Scott has edited, mixed, and mastered audiobooks daily for over 10 years, and has  assembled an amazing staff of editors who are trained to meet our rigorous specifications. Each of our editors is completely capable of editing an audiobook from start to finish, solo. This is a choice we often make, as a single-editor project sounds consistent and organic without having to impose rote standards for pauses. This doesn’t mean we can’t work as a team, though. If you have a project that needs to be completed yesterday, we’re also capable of working together to turn the book around on time with a high standard of quality.


From making sure a project is pre-mastered for an ideal edit, through delivery of high quality download products or creating elegant transitions for that important CD project, we have the solution for you. We can master projects of just about any length to CD with elegance, and have done so on projects as large as 66 discs.

Sound Design and Mixing

Whether it’s a perfectly timed and selected music mix at the top and tail of your project or a fully bedded soundtrack and effects mix for a dialogue-heavy full cast performance, we can do it. Our team has created multiple effects mix products for which we’ve received Audie nominations, Indie Excellence awards, a Ben Franklin award, and even a Grammy.

Restoration Mastering

Although it’s never ideal when problems crop up in recordings, they are sometimes unavoidable and sometimes re-recording is impossible.

We have had a great deal of success with salvaging problem recordings with advanced plugins, and bringing them up to publisher specifications. You might be surprised at what we can remove from a recording which would otherwise render it useless.

Quality Control

Proofing and QC are, in many ways,  the most important jobs we do. Afterall, it’s pointless to create a glass master or prepare your product for download if it contains misreads, missing lines, or inconsistencies. Our QC staff is fast, accurate and college educated, with backgrounds in foreign language, arts, writing, and even linguistics.