The Singer and the Song

The Singer and the Song


Publisher: Audible
Author: Miriam Therese Winter
Narrator: Janis Ian
Genre: Autobiography

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When Heather and I first got together many years ago, she introduced me to the music of Miriam Therese Winter. This music had be a present force in her home since the time of her early childhood, growing up in Boulder. I remember playing “that medical missionary sisters” music almost every day on my guitar and singing along with Heather. I didn’t even know Miriam Therese Winter’s name.

Fast forward to 2013 and we’re moving back to Boulder, back for Heather anyhow. I find out we’ll be working on another exciting music / narration project with the wonderful Janis Ian. That was exciting enough because she’s one of my favorite narrators and of course getting to work on her guitar and vocals is just the best.

Anyhow, I start working on the project which sound quite interesting right off the bat and I’m thinking “Hey, I can really relate to this woman” due to my own time living in India many years ago. Since I tend to edit projects in a linear fashion, I still wasn’t aware of the connection. When Janis started to sing that first recognizable song though, my jaw dropped and I was like “Hey, Heather! It’s those medical missionary sisters songs!”

After filling in the blanks, this project was a complete joy to work on. If you’re into Miriam Therese Winter or Janis Ian, you need to get this book from Audible. Janis narrates with skill and understanding and her arrangements of the songs are absolutely wonderful. It’s a full album worth of acoustic guitar and vocal arrangments of Winter’s catalog interspersed within the text of her riveting story.

Enjoy the preface from this wonderful book as a teaser!


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