Guns Audiobook


Author: Stephen King
Narrator: Christian Rummel
Genre: Essays


Stephen King responds to the Sandy Hook Elementary school shootings  in this thought provoking piece about gun violence in America. Relating his own experience with gun violence stemming from the short story Rage, King argues many points which should be considered in America’s ongoing debate about the availability of guns in our society.

King is donating all earnings from the sale of Guns to the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence.

Stephen King is the author of The Stand, Firestarter, Under the Dome, Needful Things, and many other best-selling works.


“The overwhelming response from readers of the Kindle Single edition of Guns underscores the great need for thoughtful discourse on the issue of guns in America…I’m thrilled Audible is bringing Guns to the quickly growing audience of audiobook listeners.” (Stephen King)

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